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Server Features

Main Features:
Old jump
Max level 137
Max gear + 9
Damage -7
2nd Reborn
Drop rate similar to official Conquer with improved rates, +1 items , weapons 1-2 sock and -1 or -3
Item stack, Alt + Click for quick composing
Mining(Ores and gems, DBs with a lower rate)
Pk in Twin City
Official quests
Duel bot
Custom garments, you may also add your own custom

Autohunting Features:
Filter item quality, meteor, plus item(No DB)

Offline Mining:
You may offline mine and filter the gem quality, ores(No DB)
You can't be hit when offline mining, Once the account is logged back in, you may be hit again

Item drop(Red name):
When redname, you have a chance to drop your gear on the ground

Guildwar, Citywar, EliteGuildwar, CounterClock, CaptureFlag, TreasureHunting, ElitePK, SkillPk, TeamPK,
ClassPk,WeeklyPk, Monthly Pk

Important notice:
Item sales for real life currency are allowed, no support will be given in case of scams, under your own risk

City teleport Warehouse access
30% more Heaven blessing
Free access to Labyrinth
Better drop rates when looting
You can get 1 free draw(Lottery) every day
Item repair through VIP panel
Unlock more hairstyles
Inventory auto loot for mets, dbs, quality items and +n items
Ability to do daily quests twice a day