Classic Plus Conquer | Rules
You must follow all of the rules on this page in order to play Classic Plus Conquer

1. Staff
Staff are volunteers who are here to help the community. Please be patient when asking for help and you will be assisted as soon as a staff member can help you.

2. Your account is your responsibility
If someone breaks the rules using your account, it is your account that will be punished. Scamming players is against rules, however your account and gears are your responsibility. We do not recommend sharing your account at all, support will not be given for scam cases regarding your account.

3. Accounts/Trading of any form
Sales for real money are allowed, you may sell for real life currency under the risk that we are not responsible for any scam case.

4. Bots/Exploits - 3 Strike Rule
1st strike: 7 days
2nd strike: 14 days
3rd strike: Permanent Botjail/Ban
Using bots is against the rules and you will be punished based on your previous strikes.
It is against the rules to exploit any bug/glitch or oversights found in the game to get an advantage. This includes duplication glitches and this will be punished according to the severity of the offence.
Sharing or discussing bots/exploits will be considered an offence and will not be tolerated.

5. Social rules (bullying and harassment)
Racial/ethnic slurs/slang or comments, personal insults, improper sexual or religious comments, offensive political discussions, discrimination, promoting self-harm and foul language WILL NOT be tolerated.
Harassing via multiple characters and dodging account mutes is not accepted and will result in a harsher punishment.
Sharing or publishing personal details of another player without their consent (doxing) is forbidden and will be taken extremely seriously.
Malicious attempts to obtain private information (e.g. IP grabbing) is not accepted.

6. Advertising
Any attempt to advertise another server is illegal, whether that is through the name or web links.
Do not send any IP address or server domain names which can be used to connect to a server. This includes advertising through private messaging.

7. Donation chargebacks
Attempting donation chargebacks is forbidden as per the Donation T&C’s and will result in a permanent HWID ban.

8. General rule
By playing the server, you agree to the above rules. The staff reserve the right to apply the rules to their discretion and any player found to be harming the experience for other players, may be punished or banned.