Classic Plus Conquer | FAQ

How do I download the game?

To download the game: You should simply run the installer that you have downloaded from our Downloads page.
As you may already know, Conquer Online files aren't antivirus-friendly, and this leads to having issues after installing the game.
We highly recommend turning your antivirus off after your download is complete and then adding an exclusion to the folder where the game is installed.
After you've created the exception through your antivirus, you should turn it back on again.

How do I report a player?

To report a player:
Contact a GM
Contact a GM in-game or through Discord

Visit our Discord
Send a message in the #support channel on our Discord

Is account sharing allowed?

Account Sharing is not supported by Classic Plus Conquer
Account Sharing is completely at your own risk.
ClassicPlus Conquer and its staff take no responsibility for the actions taken by someone who you have allowed access to your account.
While we understand that it's very frustrating to have your account stolen or destroyed by someone you trust, we can not assist you in recovering anything lost through Account Sharing.
Please do not share your login credentials with anyone who asks for them.

How do I change my account information?

You may change your account's Email and Password by logging in to your account through the website and visiting the Account Dropdown Menu located in the top-right corner of the page.

I forgot my username?

To retrieve your accounts username you must know the email associated with your account.
You may request a list of all usernames registered to your email to be sent to your email address.
If you do not know the email associated with your account, you can not recover your account.

I forgot my password?

You may request a Password Reset to be sent to the email attached to your account.
1) - Choose Forgot Password
2) - Enter your Username
3) - Check your email for an email labelled Password Reset from [email protected]
4) - Click the Password Reset link in your email within 30 minutes of requesting it
5) - Choose a new password